National Center for Youth Law

Donor Impact Report

Summer 2017


Every day, children in our communities are bought and sold for sex. These vulnerable youth are often treated like criminals, not victims.



average age of trafficking victims*

*Identified by law enforcement in Los
Angeles County from 2014 to 2016


Together, we transformed California law to ensure child sex trafficking survivors receive supportive services, not jail time.

Treating kids like kids, not criminals

NCYL led the effort to pass CA Senate Bill 1322, which decriminalized victims of child sex trafficking.

“These youth are survivors of sexual exploitation, not child prostitutes. What has happened to them is not their fault.”
—Elizabeth Smith,
trafficking survivor and advocate

Thank CA State Senator,
Holly Mitchell, for standing up for survivors.

Moving beyond arresting victims

NCYL partnered with Los Angeles County law enforcement and other local agencies to develop a nationally-recognized model for coordinating services to trafficking victims.

“Thanks to our collaboration with NCYL, we can get trafficked kids the services they need to heal and take charge of their futures.”
—Michelle Guymon, Director,
Child Trafficking Unit
Los Angeles County
Probation Department

Scaling services for survivors

We successfully advocated for the nation’s largest, ongoing state investment in services for survivors and youth vulnerable to trafficking.

Our advocacy helped secure $14 million in annual state funding.


Kate Walker Brown, Director

Neha Desai, Senior Attorney

Allison Newcombe, Attorney

Jasmine Amons, Program Associate

Sarah Godoy, Policy Associate

Elizabeth Laferriere, Senior Policy Associate

A special thank you to the survivors of child trafficking whose leadership has already changed the course of countless children’s lives in California.