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Are Minorities Overidentified for Special Ed? Or Underidentified? As DeVos Implements Obama-Era Regulation, Research Suggests a Third Answer: ‘It’s Complicated’ - The 74

November 7, 2019
In March, a federal judge ordered the Education Department to implement Obama-era regulations designed to address a troubling notion: Students of color, especially those who are black, are disproportionately identified as having disabilities and placed in segregated classrooms. Though the department appealed the decision, a…

DeVos vs. DeVos: The Education Department’s Response to Chicago’s Sexual-Misconduct Scandal Contradicts Its Proposed Direction for Title IX, Experts Say - The 74

October 9, 2019
When a senior Education Department official recently outlined years of harrowing findings against Chicago’s public school system, attorney Seth Galanter saw a blatant contradiction. Officials trumpeted an investigation that found widespread failures in the district’s response to sexual misconduct complaints — while relying on…

No more waiting - Sacramento News & Review

September 19, 2019
Michael Harris, senior director of legal advocacy and juvenile justice for National Center for Youth Law, said that his organization joined the lawsuit because Sacramento City Unified has become a glaring outlier within the most populous state in the union. “They have the highest suspension…

No more waiting - Sacramento News and Review

September 19, 2019
More than two years after an independent audit raised alarm bells about special-ed classes, youth advocacy groups don’t see change coming without legal action…