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Are Minorities Overidentified for Special Ed? Or Underidentified? As DeVos Implements Obama-Era Regulation, Research Suggests a Third Answer: ‘It’s Complicated’ - The 74

November 7, 2019
In March, a federal judge ordered the Education Department to implement Obama-era regulations designed to address a troubling notion: Students of color, especially those who are black, are disproportionately identified as having disabilities and placed in segregated classrooms. Though the department appealed the decision, a…

DeVos vs. DeVos: The Education Department’s Response to Chicago’s Sexual-Misconduct Scandal Contradicts Its Proposed Direction for Title IX, Experts Say - The 74

October 9, 2019
When a senior Education Department official recently outlined years of harrowing findings against Chicago’s public school system, attorney Seth Galanter saw a blatant contradiction. Officials trumpeted an investigation that found widespread failures in the district’s response to sexual misconduct complaints — while relying on…