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The Education Civil Rights (ECR) Alliance was convened by NCYL to fight back against increasing attacks on students’ civil rights around the country. We believe schools should serve, educate, empower, and be safe for all students.


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The civil rights of vulnerable students are increasingly at risk. There has been an unprecedented increase in identity-based bullying, harassment, and physical violence. School districts continue to disproportionately push out and arrest students of color, ethnic minorities, girls, and students with disabilities.  Undocumented students, students transitioning from the juvenile justice system, foster youth, homeless youth and others have trouble accessing mainstream public education at all. Voucher policies threaten to undermine the public education that serves as the foundation of our democracy.

ECRA is a diverse and experienced group of organizers, educator organizations, community groups, professional associations, civil rights organizations, and government agencies that are committed to protecting the civil rights of marginalized students. ECRA protects the civil rights of students by sharing resources and tools to help parents, students, teachers, community members, and education leaders;  providing access to legal assistance, and taking legal action on education civil rights violations by local, state, and federal education agencies; raising public awareness of the particular challenges facing marginalized students who experience discrimination – including discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability; and serving as a deterrent to discriminatory and illegal behavior.

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