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Developing & Implementing County Anti-Child Trafficking Policies

NCYL is at the forefront of both state policy advocacy and local implementation, making its child trafficking team uniquely situated to shape California’s legislative landscape and ensure all policies are informed by realities on the ground.

Since 2013, NCYL has supported Los Angeles County in building and implementing its CSEC policies beginning with the award-winning Law Enforcement First Responder Protocol for CSEC, which was created to avoid arrest and detention and create a victim-centered response. The Protocol requires a rapid 90-minute response by a community advocate and social worker, a comprehensive medical evaluation within 72 hours, as well as 90 days of intensive case management. For more on the success of this protocol read What We’ve Learned: A Four Year Look.

NCYL continues to create innovative and victim-centered CSEC responses in Los Angeles, and has or continues to shape policies in several other counties including: Santa Clara, San Diego, San Francisco, and the Tri-County region, consisting of Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz. The work with county partners over the last several years has positioned NCYL as a policy leader, with a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges diverse communities across California face. This understanding, coupled with its expertise at the state level has allowed NCYL to become the go-to organization on policy and implementation issues in California related to trafficking.

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For Information about county specific initiatives:

  • Los Angeles County
    • Allison Newcombe, Attorney – Email: anewcombe(at)
  • Santa Clara
    • Neha Desai, Senior Attorney  – Email: ndesai(at)
  • San Diego
    • Neha Desai, Senior Attorney – Email: ndesai(at)
  • Tri-County Project
    • Neha Desai, Senior Attorney – Email: ndesai(at)
  • San Francisco
    •  Elizabeth Laferriere, Senior Policy Analyst – Email: elaferriere(at)


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