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CSEC Action Team

The California Child Welfare Council’s Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Action Team is a multidisciplinary body, comprised of substantive experts from across the state, dedicated to researching and identifying promising prevention and intervention practices, collaborating with survivors, providing guidance to county agencies and community partners, and conducting evaluation to ensure policies improve outcomes for children. NCYL was instrumental in its creation, and has staffed and served on the leadership of the CSEC Action team since its establishment in 2013.

In 2016, the CSEC Action Team launched the Advisory Board, comprised of eleven adult survivors of child sex trafficking. The members of the Advisory Board, the first state-sponsored committee of its kind, are tasked with providing ongoing guidance to the Action Team, governmental agencies, community-based organizations and other stakeholders regarding how to improve state and local policy for CSEC and at-risk children and youth. Members advise the Action Team on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, policies to identify and serve CSEC, prevention and intervention strategies, placement services and supports, and training curriculum.

Counties are strongly encouraged to engage survivors in efforts related to the development and implementation of all CSEC protocols, policies, and procedures (SB 855, SB 794). The CSEC Action Team’s Advisory Board is a unique resource available to local agencies and organizations. Its members have consulted on numerous critical projects, from the Commercial Sexual Exploitation Identification Tool (CSE-IT) to the now required debrief process when missing or absent youth return to their child welfare placement. Request a consultation by submitting this online form.