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Alternative Education Settings in California

California students who experience the “school to prison pipeline” often find themselves in alternative education settings, such as continuation high

Building a Statewide Support System for Students in Foster Care - Arizona

In Arizona, FosterEd is working in partnership with a deeply invested team of state and local partners, students, and parents to create a future in which the vast majority of foster youth graduate high school with the widest array of possibilities for their future.

Collaborative Responses to Commercial Sexual Exploitation Initiative - California

NCYL raises public awareness about the plight of sex trafficked children and young adults and helps formulate and implement public policies that address their needs as victims, not criminals.

Defending Reproductive and Sexual Health Access for Youth in Foster Care - California

Through this campaign NCYL is working to establish and defend the rights to privacy and reproductive health access for all youth, including foster youth, in California and nationally.

Defending the Civil Rights of Students

NCYL is participating in a wide range of strategies to defend the civil rights of students and to make schools safe places for where everyone can learn and thrive.. Today, far too many students face bullying and other barriers to education based on their race, religion, national origin, gender identity, disability, first language, or sexual orientation.

Economic Justice in the Juvenile Delinquency System

Juvenile court fines, fees and restitution create long-term significant harm to young people and their families, harm that often occurs

Ending the Practice of Trying and Incarcerating Youth in the Adult Criminal System - California

This campaign addresses closing pathways to the adult system as well as creating meaningful opportunities for release of prisoners serving lengthy sentences for crimes committed as youth.

Ensuring Adequate Oversight for the Safe Administration of Psychotropic Medications to Youth in Foster Care - Missouri

NCYL is partnering with Children’s Rights, and Saint Louis University School of Law Legal Clinics to ensure Missouri enacts policies and practices that reduce the risk of harm to the children in its custody.

Ensuring Students Are Safe from Trump Inspired Hate - California

Together with key partners, the National Center for Youth Law is leading a campaign that ensures school districts protect vulnerable students from harassment, bullying and intimidation.

Ensuring Vulnerable Students Can Attend Their Community School - Texas

By improving probation agency and school district policy and practice; and building the capacity of community based organizations, this project will ensure students exiting juvenile detention are quickly enrolled in their community school and vulnerable populations of students remain in their community school.

Implementing a System of Home and Community-Based Mental Health Services

This campaign has worked to establish and implement of a system that focuses on intensive home and community-based mental health services for all Medicaid-eligible children under the age of 21.

Improving Education Outcomes for Children in the State’s Care - New Mexico

FosterEd New Mexico is working to improve the educational outcomes of children in New Mexico’s care by implementing promising practices; forging and bolstering partnerships at a local system level to establish infrastructure for cross-sector engagement, and working at a state and regional policy level to address large scale systemic barriers.

Los Angeles Reproductive Health Equity Project for Foster Youth - California

LA RHEP for Foster Youth is a partnership of adult advocates and foster youth working to dismantle systemic barriers in

Mobilizing Public Agencies to Support the Education Needs of System-Involved Youth - California

FosterEd California supports our public agency partners around systems and practice reforms to better support the education needs of system-involved youth through scaling effective practices, policy reform and best-in-class demonstration sites.

Protecting the due process rights of children in federal immigration custody.

Since 2014 more than 160,000 unaccompanied children have arrived in the United States.  In 2016, almost 60,000 unaccompanied immigrant children

Reducing the Over-Medication of Children and Youth in Foster Care - California

California foster children are being prescribed dangerous and unnecessary doses of psychotropic medications. Often the drugs are used as chemical

Release & Reconnect - Protect California’s Youth (2020)

Initiative Leaders are calling for Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Legislature to adopt the following four recommendations to protect

Shutting Down the School to Prison Pipeline - California

NCYL has launched a campaign to interrupt the “school-to-prison pipeline” through early interventions focused on creating positive school environments that address students’ academic and behavioral needs.

Youth Justice Initiative

NCYL is leading a campaign that ensures California’s justice system treats youth in a manner appropriate for their age, cognitive development and ability to change.
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